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Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup Announced

It's that time of year again, when Bonnaroo, one of the biggest music festivals in the US, releases their initial lineup for yet another year of fantastic music and arts. Of course, a majority of the people attend for the purpose of seeing their favorite bands and discovering others. Last year, Bonnaroo boldly featured colossal headliners like Red Hot Chili Peppers and world-renowned Radiohead, flanked by a plethora of famous indie bands and artists to boot. Bonnaroo is known for attracting all sorts of bands and artists, especially those of legendary status and has-beens. This formula has been in play for Bonnaroo for quite some time, and hasn't changed for this year. However, we are indeed seeing a shift in types of bands compared to past Bonnaroo lineups.

A huge highlight of Bonnaroo 2013 includes a fourth of The Beatles. More specifically, Sir Paul McCartney. For any Bonnaroo veteran or repeater, there is always at least one artist with legend status in the mix. Usually, the festival would have a handful of old bands that everybody would enjoy, such as 80s or 90s relics. Those of you planning on attending this year, expect a more modern and newer bands littering your personal lineup. From Pretty Lights to Beach House to Macklemore to Tame Impala, it seems like Bonnaroo is trying to attract the younger generation while they sneak in bands like ZZ Top.

Jam bands and bluegrass go hand in hand with the air around festival grounds. However, it has become increasingly notable that the Bonnaroo crew are trying to diversify their acts to attract more people with different backgrounds. They even threw in Weird Al Yankovic for good measure. Whatever the case may be, Bonnaroo always offers fantastic festival experiences and opportunities to see your favorite bands or to discover new ones.

Bonnaroo: June 13-16

Tickets on sale: February 23

Location: Manchester, Tennessee

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