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The Postal Service to Reunite at Coachella; Launch Deluxe Ed. of Give Up

The Postal Service Reunion ??

In the most intriguing musical storyline so far this year, The Postal Service have been confirmed for a reunion booking at Coachella in April.

In about a month the band will be celebrating the ten year anniversary of their iconic album Give Up, releasing a Deluxe Edition on Sub Pop and according to sources, additional dates and festival appearances are "Also in the works". One can make the educated assumption that this is all signs of a full blown reunion tour, although nothing has yet been confirmed past the Coachella appearance.

It does seem that a new album is highly unlikely. This past October front man Ben Gibbard told Spinner that "There are no plans to make a second [Postal Servie] record...I can't say that enough." It's hard to think that things have changed in the quarter of a year since then, and with the number of solo projects going on with the band, the upcoming shows and the anniversary of Give Up, a release at least in the immediate future doesn't make much sense.

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