Album Review: Omar Apollo - Friends EP

Album Review: Omar Apollo - Friends EP
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Omar Apollo
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Omar Apollo is a college dropout from Indiana who's been netting the attention of critics and fans alike. In 2018, we were first captivated by the budding artists when he delivered a soulful vocal performance in his single “Ugotme”. We've been hooked ever since.

Apollo is an artist who provides fans with being a relatable everyday contemporary jack of all trades. Apollo's guitar shredding and masterful singer-songwriting brings with it a personal standout identity. With his latest project entitled Friends, the young musician hits us with the kind of maturity, vulnerability, and sensibility that comes from more seasoned artists. It's clear that Omar is ready to make a statement and this latest EP delivers all the noise. 

Right off the bat, we are hit with a few stunning sonic moments in standouts, "Ashamed" and "Kickback". Both of these tracks contain immediate playback value and set the aroma for the rest of EP. Pockets containing funk elements and his niche bounciness provide deep texture to each track.

The sooting and forgiving title track, "Friends", that was released as a single a week before the EP, is a quick simmer that comes off of a high energy start and introduces the gentle center of the project. The track "Hearing Your Voice" provides a peaceful middle of this EP to create the perfect setting for an unwinding evening. The youngster sings about a love interest one who seems to have some complications.

"You cut your hair.

Changing all except for me,

Don't take back what's meant to be.

it don't makes sense to me,

and I fantasize about hearing your voice."

The first generation Mexican-American has such a unique take on funk and R&B and it shines in every individual track he releases. The highs of this seven-song project prevail in the one-two punch of Apollo's various styles of singing and the tasteful use of strong bass in almost half of the EP.

Apollo's music is a refreshing sound coming out of the Midwest. Not many are creating this dynamic range of music. He's scoring in the sport of funk and blues, but also shows his alternative ability and R&B influences. Both he and Blake Slatkin executively produced the EP. They also worked together on Omar's previous EP.

Friends is somewhat formatted like a proper medium steak. Soft and chewy in the middle. "So Good", a number that traveled from the late 80s, being the finishing bite accompanied by "Trouble" - a fine glass of smooth merlot.

The second leg of his tour, The Voyager Tour 2019, begins on April 18 in Miami. He'll be joined with Role Model, Ambar Lucid and MK. Gee along the tour.

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