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Alto Key is at his most vulnerable on melancholic track "waiting"

Indie musician Alto Key is at his most vulnerable on layered alt-pop production “waiting,”offering a melancholic exploration of the anxious moment where a family member was in the hospital. With gentle vocals embedded in an intricate soundscape of grounding keys tinged with sleek electronics, the track is touching and thoughtful.

Drawing from the deep nooks of his heart,“waiting,” is an intimate  yet relatable as it pulls at the seams of a difficult time in the rising act’s life taking us through the limbo of not being able to help a loved one yet being unable to move on from the urge to help.

The track weaves a tranquil atmosphere which lets people know they are not alone in their hard times,  even as the hard-hitting lyrics channel Alto Key’s personal vulnerability and helplessness.

Rising to fame through social media and his creative short form musical content, Alto Key’s artistry encompasses the true spirit of indie as he single-handedly rose through the ranks of the music world through the power of his voice and messages. Now, with the emotive whirlwind that is “waiting,” he brings to the forefront his steady sonic evolution and vocal refinement.

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Alt-Pop · Electronic


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