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Kitty Montague feels self-empowered in new track, “I Kissed You Politely”

Even though Kitty Montague has a name that sounds sweet and modest, the emerging London-based artist has fire in her that refuses to go unnoticed. With just a handful of singles out already, Kitty blends pop, soul, and R&B to create dreamy and grounding tracks. Today, in her new single, “I Kissed You Politely”, she doesn’t hold back on her emotions, creating a track that’s powerful in both lyrics and production.

“I Kissed You Politely” acts as a voice for women who have ever felt pressured by men, who feel pressure to be performative towards men, and who receive criticism for standing up for themselves. In this track, Kitty takes that last aspect and goes full throttle, unafraid to confront men and their behavior and emphasize the meaning of consent.

The production carries a low oozing and purring synth, complemented by R&B drums. In the background are angelic harmonies that, in the mix of it all, give it an intense and haunting vibe. However, its Kitty’s grand and soulful vocals that steal the show. Even though one already hears it in her honest and provocative writing, her delivery shows her passion and vulnerability even more.

So early in one’s career, it’s not so common to see a song so stimulating and honest. It only makes me more interested as to what else Montague has to say and how she can give voice to certain people and situations.

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Pop · R&B · Soul


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