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St Lundi returns with sleek new single "Nights Like This"

London-based songwriter St Lundi returns with the dazzling new single "Nights Like This". A track that homes in on the intimate moments of two people first meeting before their lives are intertwined.

A beautifully piano ballad that transforms into a bouncy pop track, "Nights Like This" capture the feelings of vulnerability whilst showcasing St Lundi's ability of writing a track that feels real. Taken from his forthcoming EP, the single pulses with energy, driving the track into your veins and encouraging you to get lost in its euphoria. Written from a personal note too, St Lundi tells us that the single was written the first night he met his girlfriend. "I found that for someone who normally feels awkward in conversation, from the moment I met her it felt effortless to me," he says. "Everything I used to find hard became a lot easier. It's about that instant connection you have with someone and embracing every second."

Despite already collaborating with the likes of Kygo, there's still so much more to come from this songwriter. His emotive nature is stunning and his ability to craft such intense pop is enthralling. St Lundi's legacy starts now, and now's where we begin our appreciation.

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