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"Fantasy" announces Sam Ezeh as the next great funk maestro

Some artists are just so cool that you feel inadequate just by listening to their unflappable effervescence.  Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Sam Ezeh is just that cool.  Quickly making a splash both at home and abroad for his vintage 60's persona and funky, honey-dripped vocals, Ezeh brings a retro flavor to contemporary funk and R&B that hasn't been seen since Childish Gambino's Awaken My Love.  Ezeh's newest single "Fantasy" is an outpouring of club-ready energy that needs to be played on anything with a decent subwoofer.  

A meandering neo-funk club cut, "Fantasy" taps the classics that Ezeh has become renown for channeling so effortlessly.  The landmark classicism of Prince meeting the genre-defining new-school funk of Childish Gambino is a good elevator pitch for much of Ezeh's discography so far.  The newest track, however, might sound a bit more akin to the edgier and inspired early Detroit-house homages of Channel Tres.  "I’m a big house fan, so the length of the song and the repetitiveness of it adds to the danceable-ness, for me. I also feel like the sound of this song gets kind of intimate since my voice is so up-close" Ezeh related about the song.  The track finishes with a groggy and eerily beautiful improvisation that feels akin to something you'd hear on a Theo Parrish record. 

Booming and capacious, Sam Ezeh is doing the classics proud with music that teleports you back to the smoky dancefloors of the 60's and 70's.  Whether it be funk, soul, house, or disco, the Swedish prodigy brings a distinctive allure that captivates the ears and allows him to exert a sonic dominance that very few performers in modern music can hold a candle toward.  

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