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Tony Santana doesn't want us to "Wait" anymore

Tony Santana drops new single "Wait"—a fiery track that has top-tier production and an impeccable flow leaving us in awe. 

After recently releasing the blazing track "Waste," Tony Santana returns with yet another undeniable hit. "Wait" is a showcase of Santana's songwriting capabilities alongside his poetic metaphor-filled lyrics, rhyme schemes, and intricate wordplay. His smooth flow is quite impressive, creating a strong delivery with every single word he utters. The intentional repetition of the words "wait," creates a memorable impression and has us hitting the repeat button over and over again. The production choice is extremely smart, with catchy snaps, trap sounds, and inescapably heavy bass. Don't wait to put on "Wait" if you want to get an adrenaline rush. 
Connect with Tony Santana: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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