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Yung Swerv drops emotionally-infused new single "Long Way" [Video]

Yung Swerv releases a new track "Long Way," filled with a passion and pain transmitted through both his lyrical skill and his unique tone.

Being only 19-years-old, Yung Swerv has undeniable talent in many avenues, especially when it comes to his writing and delivery. Before It's Too Late, the Chicago artist's last project that dropped in 2020, showed his strength when it came to his unique ability to capture the audience's attention through trap beats and vocal projection. Yung Swerv does the same in his new single "Long Way," as he uses intriguing storytelling over mesmerizing sounds. We can feel the pain that leaves his soul through his smooth voice that touches all of our hearts. The background female voice that bleeds through the sounds in autotune creates a more powerful atmosphere, where we are completely exposed through the emotions that leaks through Yung Swerv's songwriting. Revealing a softer side to him, Yung Crazy uniquely mixes soothing singing and rapping to experiment and create a different feeling. The piano keys, the snappy sounds, and the drums add to the feeling as we see Yung Swerv walking through the cemetery and being vulnerable as he lays on the floor expressing his emotions. 
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Comerlee Poole
Comerlee Poole
2 months ago

Young Genius 🔥🔥🔥