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Cocoa Futures frontman Greg Bounce makes solo debut with eco-conscious single "Fear That Love"

Lisbon-based songwriter Greg Bounce drops debut solo track “Fear That Love,” a smooth slice of electronica that comes bearing a sharp premonition about the environment. With a soothing feel-good melody embedded in a fluid amalgamation of groovy synth and guitar with metronomic Art-Pop, the soundscape belies the imagery that Greg paints with his somber visualisation of the future.

The soft, dreamy electric-guitar-led track was given further weight from the contributions of long-time collaborator, renowned producer Brendan Williams who adds flourishes of guitar and drums as well as the dynamic production skills of Manchester-based Samuel Jones. A pulsing bassline meets Greg’s quietly comforting vocal delivery enveloping the production in an infectious brightness that intriguingly contrasts with the heaviness of the song’s thoughtful theme.

Greg, the frontman of much-loved London band Cocoa Futures, who embarked on a personal journey to Lisbon following the disintegration of a long relationship, reflects this journey outward as we are transported through this latest track to a time far into the future. Swirling with catchy and vibrant sonics, he builds a quickly crumbling world in the year 2050, as he sings about a couple who rush to tie the knot even as the world around falls apart under the strain of human neglect.

Describing his eco-conscious track as an exploration of what we are doing to the world through our careless actions, Greg explains his intent of wanting the narrative to be told “through normal places and normal people.” Teasing out the new stock of creativity that took root within his mind and heart after his move away from London, Greg establishes how impactful simplicity can be by cutting through peaceful, hazy ambiance of the track’s instrumentals with unapologetic songwriting which reminds people of how far they’ve pushed the limits of the Earth they walk on.

Taking influence from the easy vibes of Lisbon that made home in his creative process, Greg creates a unique offering where the calm mood doesn’t match the urgency of the track’s message as he delicately balances serious reflections on climate action with the mundanity of everyday human lives.

Establishing himself beyond the name he made as the man behind Cocoa Futures, Greg Bounce is making an undeniably strong beginning that’s not only an expertly made piece of music, but one that urges genuine introspections on a topic that needs immediate attention.

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Alt-Pop · Electronica · U.K.


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