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Brooklyn artist VÉRITÉ proves heavy moments can be fun on new single "he's not you"

Brooklyn singer-songwriter VÉRITÉ drops new single “he's not you,” exploring the emotional push and pull which follows heartbreak. With a booming bassline, this pop-influenced offering is a song about knowing you should be alone, but allowing yourself a moment of throwing caution to the wind.

Written on a Zoom call with Mathias Wang, who produced the track, “he's not you,” sees VÉRITÉ approach a new and exciting sonic space of catchy beats and an empowering vibe highlighted by her husky, seductive vocals.  

Giving herself the space to delve into new sides of her artistry, the anthemic single is one that sees the New York-native drive home the point that “heavy moments don’t always need to be taken seriously.” The groovy production which takes inspiration from the relatable experience of being pulled in different directions builds a fun and light-hearted narrative around distracting yourself from an emotional, tense reality with pointless fancies.

Following the release of “by now,” in April and an appearance on Jax Anderson’s “Bigger Picture,” earlier this month, VÉRITÉ who has amassed a fanbase over her quickly advancing career, has found her creative stride on “he’s not you,” unravelling emotive themes in an easy-going manner over a throbbing, elastic soundscape.

With a creative process that often takes flight as soon as “a muse hits,” the young creative says, “this song started as a very rough verse and chorus idea that I wrote alone in my bedroom.It patched itself together via a few emails and calls.”  adding that the writing and producing remotely gave her the freedom, time and space like never before.

From early-career hits such as “Somebody Else” and “Sober” to three records, right up to this latest outing, VÉRITÉ has proven to possess a natural talent for merging introspective song writing with a catchy, clean production, elevated the boldness of her voice, has set herself up to be recognizable and memorable presence in the pop landscape.

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