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MARLOW release anthemic rock track, “Blame It”

Today, indie rock band Marlow releases their new single, “Blame It.” Stirring up the same vitality as bands like The Vaccines and The Strokes, this track will have you wanting to take on nightlife adventures in the city scene.

Despite it being about lack of communication in relationships, the track gets you into the groove with starry synths and a blood-pumping drum beat.  The guitars feel loose, which seems to fit the casual vibe they seem to be going for. Overall, their sound slightly blends genres, reviving 2000s UK rock. Lead singer Freddie’s gravelly vocals and subtle background oohs give the song that extra edge that will attract to the young and the wild. Guitarist Joe stated, “I guess you could say the track has a sort of feel-good melancholy and embraces a juxtaposition of emotions and feelings… We really enjoy instilling a sensation of nostalgia.”

Samuel George Photography / Audiotrope. 

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