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KiNG MALA drops angelically haunting new single “Mercy”

Alternative soul talent KiNG MALA, is a powerful artist on the rise exploring all sides of life, good, bad and ugly. Her latest single “Mercy” exudes a dark-pop feel with eerie sharp, clicking soundscapes and soft sultry vocals. The track portrays the juxtaposition of darkness and light that is in all of us. This entrancing track is all about finding the way back through the struggles to our kinder selves.

KiNG MALA, the moniker of Areli Castro creates offerings that examine themes of love, lust and fierce femininity. The Los Angeles-based El Paso-born musician’s aim with her bold music, is to allow listeners to discover self-assurance through her highly confident work. "MALA" roughly translates to "bad bitch" in Spanish and that energy radiates within her releases. Though she comes off so strong and poised, like many of us she battles insecurities such as mental health issues and the darker divides of her mind.  Castro confides, “I have said things I will regret forever and everyday I search for the good within me and search for the proof that those things are not who I really am. Sometimes all you can do is forgive yourself and look for the good... that's what this song means to me.”     

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Alternative · Soul


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