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LACES finds fulfillment on her journey to joy in "Almost Happy"

Ever feel content just knowing that you are on the cusp of satisfaction? Passionate indie pop/rock talent LACES’ 90-esque melancholic single “Almost Happy” details just that. Her warm, smoky vocals pair seamlessly with the raw rock backdrop. Showcasing a truly captivating minimal and vast sound, LACES exudes a relaxed grunge a la The Smashing Pumpkins. In a mesmerizing, moody tone she sings, “Not sure how I feel but I’m sure I’ve seen enough/ Enough that the world would miss me a little/ Would they say I faked my way to the middle/ I’m getting older all the same.” As adults we arrive at a point where we feel comfortable with our place in life even if it is only somewhat gratifying.

LACES aka Jessica Vaughn possesses a rich, velvety voice that puts her in a lane all her own. Formally known as Charlotte Sometimes, she has evolved into a more self-assured artist while still maintaining that dark, vulnerability. That acceptance is very present in this reflective release. Vaughn admits, “Accepting who you are is a beautiful thing, even if it's a low key confession of how messed up you are.”

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