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YB keeps his faith and continues "RUNNIN' WIT GOD" [Video]

YB releases a spiritual visual for "RUNNIN' WIT GOD" — a track filled with guitar strings, drums, and heart-felt lyrics.

Earlier this year, YB dropped a 5-track EP titled Provision II, opening his heart and telling stories through music. Being one track from the album, "RUNNIN' WIT GOD," tells a story about how his faith interplays with his life as the visuals show YB driving, filled with guidance even when he is alone. There is one thing that we can't deny when it comes to YB: the way that he raps about God is powerful all the way from his poetic wordplay to the sounds that are incorporated throughout the track. The guitar strings, snappy sounds, drums, and chimes are intertwined perfectly as YB utters every word with extreme passion. It is obvious that one of his strengths is most definitely storytelling, as he conveys the struggles that he has undergone yet lets us know that the higher power has not left his side. His delivery and tone beautifully screams of perseverance, especially because he accentuates every word that leaves his spirit. Press play, especially if you want to get closer to your spiritual side.
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