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Creative and ASL interpreter MDL CHLD drops inclusive music video for new track “Funk (About You)”

Multi-hyphenate creative MDL CHLD aka Chris Corsini drops feel-good new track “Funk (About You)” featuring vocals from singer and actor Nicole D’Amato. With a message the encourages people to know their worth and dancing to your own tune,instead of getting hung up on the opinions of others.

The empowering offering which combines witty, play-on-words song writing with a groovy soundscape and laid-back delivery is deceptively simple in its purpose. On the surface, it’s an anthem that urges you to focus on yourselves, gives listeners a chance to let loose with its catchy beats. But beyond that, it takes things further by putting inclusivity at its forefront.

Corsini, a certified ASL/English interpreter, takes his efforts of reshaping accessibility in arts and music a step forward with the music video for “Funk (About You),” made in collaboration with members of the deaf community both in front & behind the camera with a team constructed around the LGBTQI+ community.

Marrying the talents of a tri-lingual deaf performer on-screen with that of a deaf Black Female ASL Coach and deaf caption artist, the video is an engaging visual experience made to appeal to and entertain deaf viewers.

Pushing the envelope of inclusivity even further on this project, the video makes a welcoming space for a BIPOC creative crew as well as enthralling LGBTQ+ representation, bringing trans, gay and queer talents together to tackle various aspects of the creative process from makeup to costume design and choreography. On what’s her premiere release, featured artist Nicole, a rights activist also makes an impact with her sultry, low vocals weaved delicately through the casually delivered rap verses.

Corsini who has interpreted concerts for the likes JayZ, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers, is truly walking the talk, pushing accessibility and inclusivity through creative action, the end result of which has produced a track that not only serves an anthem for self-confidence, but further helped carve a space for everyone with a passion and love for creativity, regardless of gender, race , sexual orientation or disability.



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