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Tinker Toy Fog Machine offer exciting debut release, 'Fingers Crossed'

Tinker Toy Fog Machine is composed of friends Tyrin Kelly and Kai Thorpe. Originally from Ottawa, the duo met in high school and bonded over their love of DIIV and Black Moth Super Rainbow. After moving to Montreal, they formed a live band and began spending late nights working on demos in their studio. Kelly and Thorpe share an interest in analog epipment, and build their own compressors and record on an 8-track reel to reel in order to achieve the warmth and glue that is essential to crafting their signature sound. Tinker Toy Fog Machine's debut two track release, Fingers Crossed, is an exciting glimpse into the inner workings of a band commonly referred to as the underdogs of Montreal.


The two tracks, "Fingers Crossed" and "Someone Else" bloom withs layers of drippy guitars and textured synths that swirl mid air before making their way into your ears and heart. The title track explores the personal rituals people use to try and control the world around them, and how these behaviors can be destructive. It's rich in instrumental wonder, while still maintaining the melody and structure of a catchy pop song. The B-side "Someone Else" likewise offers smooth vocals and an enticing spacey atmosphere. Fans of Men I Trust or Connan Mockasin will find their new favorite group in Tinker Toy Fog Machine.

There is no doubt that Tinker Toy Fog Machine has much to offer the Montreal music scene and the music world at large. Be on the lookout for more releases by this exciting up and coming group as they continue to write, produce and record mind bending tracks.

Connect with Tinker Toy Fog Machine: Spotify | Instagram | Bandcamp | YouTube

Dance · Electronic · Indie


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