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Milky Chance take a trip to "Colorado" on their latest single [Video]

Maturing and evolving in music can be a point of contention for any artist, as they might not want to take that uncertain leap away from the sounds and themes expected of them. Thrust into the spotlight early on in their career, German duo Milky Chance fast became known for their folky, upstroke-laden indie-pop that didn't fit into any specific pocket in the best way possible.

Now seven years on from their debut, that aesthetic became a mainstay in their back catalogue and served them very well throughout, but as members Clemens Rehbein and Phillip Dausch mature, their sound naturally grows with it. 2021 ushers in a new era for them for two reasons, a shift away from that aforementioned sound, as well as their first independent release on their own label, Muggelig Records.

That's not to say that their first offering of the year, "Colorado," abandons their remarkably distinct sound entirely. It still carries the same upbeat trappings that define them, but repositions the approach with a touch of the grittier side of indie.

A testament to their clear skills as songwriters, "Colorado" is a simply delivered, yet addictive affair that instantly worms its way into the back of your mind, with the heady lyricism counterbalanced by the bouncy, guitar-driven instrumentation.

On the surface, it might come across as merely a stoner's anthem, but scratch that surface to reveal a contemplative bop with a straightforward and affirming message. "This song is about turning lows into highs," the duo explain via an email statement. "When you’re feeling down, there is always one thing you can count on and that is getting high with your friends. Life gets overwhelming, and sometimes you have to push away your sorrow and get back to it tomorrow."

The amusingly eye-grabbing accompanying visual could also signify the self-reflection on their growth as a duo too, with various scenes depicting them interacting with alternate versions of themselves, concluding with a live performance that leaves the audience (themselves), relatively unphased. All in all, a stellar return from the duo that urges intrigue to where this new era will take them next.

"Colorado" is available now via Muggelig Records.

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