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Rowdy Outsider unleashes their angst-filled tune, “Fall Away”

One of the most difficult things a person can go through is watching a relationship dissolve. When you love and care about someone so deeply, as they quickly slip away you are crushed. Rowdy Outsider’s new single, “Fall Away,” details that heartbreak of lost love while providing hope for the future. Through gritty guitars, pounding drums and powerful, and moody vocals, a strong frustration is felt. Passionately singing, “like a shot in the dark/ like a walk in the park/like a night with your friends/its all come to an end,” the finality of the situation is present.

The Ireland outfit fuses pop, punk and new wave sounds to create music that is nostalgic yet contemporary. “Fall Away” portrays that sentimental quality. Listening to the penetrating piece you are instantly transported to your youth and the days of long drives listening to bands like My Chemical Romance. There is so much intensity oozing out from the track juxtaposed by vulnerable lyrics. Doyle explains of the tune, “While on the surface the song is a somber ballad, Fall Away brings undertones of relief.” Take a listen to the lush offering now.

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