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SOLANA wants to drink some "Pink Champagne"

SOLANA releases a new track "Pink Champagne," a sophisticated and sweet track filled with dream-like production and poetic songwriting. 

The title "Pink Champagne" is extremely fitting to the elegant vibe that this track gives off. The instrumental choice is brilliant, as SOLANA incorporates intense drums, snappy beats, light guitar strings, high-sounding keys on the piano, and a rough bass, creating the perfect blend of instruments to create a sonically pleasing background. This melody is the perfect fit for late spring/early summer. The dreamy background combined with intense poetic lyrics makes for the perfect love song, especially due to the metaphorical words that create a spiritual atmosphere, as SOLANA sings about perfect "evenings in July."
SOLANA is an up and coming alt pop artist. Another track that is similar to "Pink Champagne" is the previous "Love Me Right." These two tracks are examples that she has a tendency to deliver high-class music that sounds fancy as if you're entering a palace. Grab some pink champagne with your lover and dance to this song  on a warm summer night. He plans to release another single at the end of June. 
Connect with SOLANA: Instagram | Spotify 


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