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Violetta Zironi shares the intricate single, "When You're Not Around"

Italian-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Violetta Zironi shares the intricate new single, "When You're Not Around." Offering an insight into her vulnerability, the single provides a well-needed moment of escapism with its cruising laidback, slow-building instrumentation.

With an acoustic guitar heightening Zironi's emotive lyricism, "When You're Not Around" is an honest account of wanderlust. Unveiling a narrative swamped in rich sonics and gliding, evocative vocals, the single sends its listener into a haze. After glossing through a few minutes of intense focus on the track's effortless flow you're brought back to the ground with complimenting vocals from fellow Berliner Ed Prosek. The pair's collaboration sends the single stratospheric with its additional textured layers and jazz undertones.

"I’m used to writing songs about people I know, and ambiguously sharing intimate details about those who’ve had an impact on my life. To my shock, this year the tables were turned and someone that had been in my life for a long time, years later, released a record of songs written about me and our break up, out of the blue. The songs were all so saccharine, I winced and pitied simultaneously, so this song was written as a tongue-in-cheek response to say that it’s definitely time to move on."

"When You're Not Around" catapults Violetta into world of elegant jazz-pop. And to be honest, you can't beat beautiful vocals alongside a soothing guitar tone to send you into dear admiration of an artist. 

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Acoustic · Indie


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