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Jorja Smith delivers intimate performance of new EP with VEVO

Jorja Smith recently teamed up with VEVO to deliver a commanding performance of her latest project, Be Right Back. The English singer graced fans with the eight-track EP last month, marking her first project in three years. It was during this time that fans would yearn for new music from the songstress. But it's the time away from the scene that puts singers like Jorja in her element to deliver songs that're candid yet appealing. The statement has proven true as the project plays like an open diary foretelling of all her most recent experiences. Amongst the genre-bending instrumentation that's scattered throughout the album, Jorja's voice is the outlier that warms every track.

Her live performance of Be Right Back in VEVO's " Official Live Performance" series doesn't lose any of the studio version's grandeur. The collaborative effort between Jorja and the music video network successfully brought the EP's imagery to real life. What's also notable is the fact that it highlights Jorja's growth as a vocalist and songwriter. Some of the songs performed even come out sounding better than the original. Renditions like the afro-infused "Bussdown" show how Jorja has a vocal range that turns performances into experiences. It's clear from the energy Jorja brings in the video series that the EP is tailor-made for intimate settings such as this one.

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