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ELUNIA tenderly thumbs your "Pressure Points" on third single

Despite her relative-newcomer status, New Hampshire-based alt-pop songstress ELUNIA has fast established herself as a timeless, and truly thought-provoking new voice in the broad expanse of alt-pop. Broad expanse is also a phrase that can be dutifully applied to the enchanting, cinematic scope of her oceans-deep sound that harmoniously extends across her thus far humble catalogue of three masterfully executed singles.

On her third, "Pressure Points," her vulnerable narrative maintains, yet shifts the lyricism away from her ever-unfolding love story with music itself found on "Soak," to love for another, to which she explains in an email statement, “I wrote ‘Pressure Points’ about idolizing someone as the hope I was looking for through a struggle with mental health, and the fear of losing them. I felt like I was finally seen for my full potential, which gave me a glimpse of possibility when I could only see nothing before. You can hear the original voice memos in there from the day I started writing it with birds singing in the background, which felt so right to keep in since it’s quite a vulnerable song. The idea of ‘pressure points’ felt so strangely accurate to me when I came up with it – it's not like someone is outright saving you, but more that they're just existing in the right places and the right ways, and it's really subtle, but that makes it all the more powerful.”

Whilst the track is swathed in deeply personal emotion, it can easily be interpreted in a manner that extends to your own personal story, a testament to her natural affinity for nothing short of stellar songwriting.

Pensive piano chords set the scene, as her distinctly icy aesthetic unfolds to send pleasing shivers down your spine. Whilst this might be a wholly glacial affair, "Pressure Points" counterbalances the darker shades with her voice, by virtue of its warm timbre and that aforementioned sense of hope. Staying regimented in its dynamics, the production offers a subtle evolution that softly simmers beneath her soaring vocal, which is an enchanting hallmark of hers.

Her voice climbs even further for the falsetto-laden chorus, whilst an understated beat pulses more like a heart than a drum pounds beneath it, further pursuing that flair for the cinematic. Additional textures sweep in for the second verse, pulling you in deeper, a trait that only compounds with each second of the almost five-minute mesmeric runtime.

Suffice it to say, with a work ethic this strong in a musical journey that's only existed for just shy of five months, expect ELUNIA's trajectory to continue on this same captivating incline, 2021 and beyond.

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Margaret Sutor
Margaret Sutor
27 days ago

Wow!!!! Well done