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Lazaris the Top don and Cory Gunz heat up the streets of NY on "I'm Coming"

Puerto Rican and Cuban artist from NY Lazaris the TopDon collabs with Cory Gunz to release a fiery single called "I'm Coming"—a momentous track filled with eccentric sounds that undoubtedly capture our attention. 

Lazaris the Top Don has an unmistakable flow and sound to him. That is because he has a gravitating tone and unique delivery that remains consistent in all of his tracks. His harsh projection and signature New York confident style are displayed throughout "I'm Coming"—especially within the raw emotion and intense lyricism that shows he is not here to play games.
Cory Gunz and Lazaris the Top Don are the perfect artists to join this collab with their witty wordplay and top-notch lyrical delivery. Another intriguing aspect is how similar their harsh tone is, making sure that when they speak, we know that every single word they utter is with extreme conviction and passion. Through a passionate rap style, unconventional underlying sounds, such as the alarms and rings, "I'm Coming" is the perfect track to play whenever you need the motivation to get out of any struggle.
Connect with Lazaris the Top Don: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Connect with Cory Gunz: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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