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UPSAHL doesn't have time for a "Douchebag" [Video]

UPSAHL is one of the biggest rising stars on the scene right now. Her new breakup anthem, "Douchebag," is the perfect kiss-off.   

"Douchebag" takes UPSAHL's IDGAF attitude to the next level. She's not holding back at all. Known for her sharp lyrics, she sings, "I was the Courtney to your Kurt Cobain," then she digs that knife in, "I wanted us to end up as friends, but you fucked it all up." Her distinctive voice over the alt-pop-tinged melody builds into a chilling chorus. You can sense that coldness. UPSAHL isn't just mad, she's tired of it, and that's a whole mood. 

In the accompanying visuals directed by George Gallardo Kattah, UPSAHL plays her own arcade game with throwback visuals before going on a slew of diner-dates gone wrong. It's the perfect sum-up of casual dating and the male egos that come with it, but UPSAHL's cool confidence radiates throughout the video. 

UPSAHL has acquired over 100 million global streams, her song "Drugs" has over 2 million videos using the sound on Tik Tok and even skyrocketed to #6 on the Tik Tok Viral chart and #1 on Tik Tok's trends chart.

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