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harry was here with his "Pet Giraffe"

harry was here came about after years of experimentation with different styles and sounds. Each trial a step closer, but it wasn’t until last year that it all started to fall into place. His latest single “Pet Giraffe” serves as an emotive and engaging glace into the project. 

Sitting somewhere between bedroom pop and pop-punk is the one-man band, harry was here. Being a producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and even mixing engineer harry uses his vast skill set to create music that is completely authentic to himself while delivering deeply personal lyrics. 

According to harry, “Pet Giraffe” was inspired by Bob Dylan, "the cryptic messaging comes from a deep place of sadness that always seems to be lurking... It's that feeling that you are the weight bringing down the people around you”. This feeling is evoked not only in the lyrics but also in the melancholy guitars and minimal instrumentation. The moments of only vocals and guitar show true vulnerability in his voice, and really resonate.

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