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AYO SK3TCH and Lil Gotit release fiery single "Livin' My Life"

AYO SK3TCH and Lil Gotit, a member of Young Thug's label, have dropped the blazing “Livin’ My Life,” an upbeat track filled with words that tell a rags to riches story. 

"Livin' My Life" is a banger, quickly gaining traction all over the social media, especially because the collaboration between AYO SK3TCH and Lil Gotit is undeniably organic. These two artists cleverly piece witty words together in order to tell a story about their growth, motivating others to do the same. With Lil Gotit rapping a catchy hook, we get captivated by it. His raspy magnetic tone and his high-level skill in the clever rhymes make us want to press the replay button over and over again. AYO SK3TCH picks up where Lil Gotit left off by rapping clever rhymes, making even the verses very catchy and flow effortlessly. His delivery is especially impressive, as his unique voice flows smoothly with upbeat sounds in the background. The two contrasting voices make the phrase "opposite attract" hold true. Press play and move your head along with the music. 
Connect with AYO SK3TCH: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify
Connect with Lil Gotit: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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