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Zac Greer returns with impressive new single, "Melatonin" [Video]

Zac Greer, an 18-year-old from Arizona, made waves last year with his jam-packed and versatile EP Headaches. Last week, Zac returned with a pop-rock infused cut, “Melatonin”. The single is accompanied by a music video with frequent collaborators Overcast. The crew is officially 3/3 with a creative video and hit single.

In “Melatonin” we see a more vulnerable and emotional Greer, as he breaks down a broken relationship, filled with mistakes and sleepless nights. Production-wise, the track is built off of a strumming guitar and a simple drum pattern. The stripped-back production allows Greer’s vocal performance to sit at the forefront. This decision pays off, as his vocals are filled with emotion and energy. As the track flows, it continuously builds momentum, capped off by an impressive guitar riff.

The visuals for “Melatonin” match perfectly with the track. The video is set trapped in Greer’s room, as his frustration and boredom build. As the song builds momentum, so does the video. The effects and cuts pick up in frequency, adding to Greer’s intense emotions. The video is surprisingly simple, yet has great direction and a creative set design. This marks the third collaboration between Overcast and Greer, and the creative storytelling and visuals deliver once again.

Zac Greer is one of the most exciting acts on the rise. His sound continues to grow, mixing his older R&B sounds with more rock influences. In his first single of 2021, Greer has delivered an emotional and upbeat track and visuals that fit perfectly.


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