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Ayelle considers her "Options" on sharp new single

With an articulate lyricism that runs the length between abject vulnerability and steely empowerment, Swedish-Iranian, Sweden-based alt-pop songstress Ayelle is fast becoming a true modern songbird. Returning with her sharp new single, "Options," we get a taste of her highly anticipated, forthcoming debut LP.

"I wrote Options when I was at a real low point a few months back," shares Ayelle in an email statement. "I know I’m not alone in feeling numb from loss and lack of opportunities and excitement during this pandemic. Writing this song let me take a closer look at all the doubts and feelings I’ve tried not to look at and give them a space to exist.”

“I should make another TikTok, or maybe get a day job, or open up an Only Fans. I got options, so many options,” she sultrily muses in the chorus, soaring atop an icy, trap-infused production provided by Stockholm's Albin Tengblad. Her melodious delivery flickers between a dutiful self-confidence, and a just sense of exasperated lostness; masterfully expressing the dizzying mixture of emotion that this past year has forced on us.

With art being a reflection of life, there have been countless songs that have been born from the myriad effects of COVID, but as time passes, its impacts naturally evolve with it. We're now seeing the focus shift from restlessness, to hope and excitement for the future, all the way down to loss, and sensations of feeling trapped or lost.

A testament to her direct-meets-indirect and wholly stellar songwriting, the message doesn't solely point to the past year's events as the source of these feelings, but also to the daily effects of social media on hers, and equally one's life. Consider appetites truly whet for the forthcoming album, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more tastes in the months to come.

"Options" is available now via Let Me Hear It.

Connect with Ayelle: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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