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Oranj Goodman teams up with tomcbumpz for surprise collaboration "Mineral"

It would be a travesty to compare Oranj Goodman to anyone other than Oranj Goodman.  The PNW rapper and singer has been making waves since releasing “Purple Glitter” over a year ago.  People quickly began taking notice of the artist’s extremely rare marriage of melodic verses, heaven-sent hooks, and inspired production.  New release “Mineral” is Goodman’s surprise collaboration with prodigious lo-fi/ambient producer tomcbumpz that delivers on the sound that he has so quickly trademarked. 

Taking pointers of lo-fi, ambient, and hip-hop, "Mineral" is another slice of heaven delivered by Goodman's confident and impassioned vocals.  The Pacific Northwest native has grown accustomed so far to releasing 5+ minute songs (a bold feat for a rising artist) but "Mineral" clocks in at just over 3 minutes, a more bite-sized offering by Goodman's standards.  The new track delivers on yet another relentlessly catchy hook reminiscent of early Post Malone.  Goodman croons with his distinctive psych-rap inflection and hits several lyrical pockets that are nothing less than perfection.  "Mineral" is tomcbumpz' first release since his last EP Melodic Nostalgia dropped in January to widespread acclaim and over 10 million streams on Spotify.  The New York-based producer offers a deft musical hand on the track, with understated guitar work and subtle ambient risers and percussion that all lend themselves to the masterful delivery of Goodman's breathtaking bars.  

There is a lot of good music circulating just below mainstream relevance.  None of it quite reaches the heights that Goodman delivers on every song so far.  A next level artist and performer, it's hard to see anything other than superstardom in the young rapper's future if he keeps blowing away listeners with prodigious bars and thoroughly satisfying hooks.  Gearing up to release his debut EP in June, your eyes should be firmly fixed on your release radar for the next slice of heaven Oranj Goodman delivers.  

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