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We the Commas release their sophomore project 'Old School Love'

Straight out of Southern California comes the alternative pop trio who go by the moniker We the Commas. The three man band is made up of blood brothers Cam (18), Jordy (21), and Lenny Comma (25) who are charting their own course with a unique sound termed "Surf Alternative R&B" (SARB). Their latest effort Old School Love is a six track EP that serves as the perfect summer playlist and the trio's sophomore project fully captures the genre-bending approach taken by the boys. Working alongside them are producers Jack Thornton, Ted Chung, and Chris Rosa, who helped touch up the project.

The project opens up on a bright note with the uplifting ethereal sounds of "Better Days" which aims to implore listeners to look towards the silver lining in the dark clouds. This is followed up by the title track and its nostalgia-inducing production and catchy melodic runs. The record is a blend of the old and new with elements of yesteryears soul and modern futuristic pop sounds. The boys also deliver in heavy doses smooth enthralling vocals and catchy hooks to complete the job. Tracks like "Plateau" and "Crash" are rich with layered harmonies, lush guitar riffs, and elements from old-school Caribbean music.

The project as a whole is cohesive in terms of sounds and the summer theme helps string all the tracks together. If you are looking for a wavy, beach, and summer-styled sound, We the Commas got you covered.

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