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Alms gets a little ghoulish in their new music video for "Apart"

The LA-based alternative rock duo Alms has been crafting nostalgic indie earworms since 2017.  The band was initially the solo-project of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Roman Zangari who used the alias as an outlet for some bedroom recordings he had written in his college dorm-room. Since graduating college, the project's line-up has since expanded to include multi-instrumentalist Tristan Walczak to make it a full band effort that sonically takes bit and pieces from early shoe-gaze, grunge and post-punk to create a highly sentimental but memorable brand of alt-rock that is reminiscent of '90s cult-rockers The Pixies & Built To Spill.

The band's latest single is a raucous sad-boy anthem entitled "Apart", in which Roman chronicles the many turbulent aspects of  being in a toxic relationship and the eventual break-up: 

"(The song) is about longing to be with someone even though you know you can't, or shouldn't. Wanting to be somebody's everything, wanting to be recognized - To be seen in their eyes the way you see them. And how ultimately, we can be so caught up in trying to please or impress the ones we love, that  we can be completely blind to the ways they hurt us. Separation can take on a visceral form, and the distance that forms between two people can be felt as strongly as the connection that had brought them together in the first place."

The song also features an absurdist self-directed visual (co-directed by Caleb Adams) featuring the band in full troll make-up, trying to find love and commitment in a world filled with flakes and false hope, only to ultimately find solace in each other's friendship.

Watch the video above and stay peeled for what Alms has in store for the rest of 2021!

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