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kryptogram delivers imaginative 'krypt. vol2' EP

Chicago-based producer kryptogram is back with his latest EP. Marking the second installment of his krypt EP series, 'krypt. vol2' is a glorious blend of different energies and sounds. A unique approach to dance music releases, the 9 track project is marked with originality. The release is a promising sense of direction(s) for the producer as he continues to navigate and grow his sound and place in the dance music landscape.

Emigrating to America from war-torn Serbia in the early 00s, the constant factor in life was music. He was raised in a musically conscious family which helped mould him into the artist he is today. His upbringing is surely pivotal in the diverse nature of the musical influences that went into creating 'krypt. vol2'. 

The title of the project is derived from the definition of "crypt," a word for an underground vault. The underground sound is definitely represented throughout the project which draws attributes from a wide variety of sounds and genres like UKG, Chicago house, and disco. His musical prowess is on full display as the project journeys throughout genres, tempos, and even languages seamlessly.

The project starts off with a heavy garage feel on "L.U.V." before entering a more progressive house tone on "Never Enough"; two tracks that are first tracks ever released that use kryptogram's own vocals and they mark an impressive first attempt. kryptogram is great at choosing vocal samples which often add depth and character to his tracks, and sometimes it even creates a sense of familiarity as he does on "Pop It!" which features pitched up samples from Travis Scott's "Butterfly Effect". The song "3000" is also a great representation of his sampling skills as he weaves a vocal sample throughout giving it the feel of a synthesizer. The project finishes off strong with a heavy disco feel on songs "Sneak Away With Me", "How Long Have You Been Away?", and "More Than I Love You". Nostalgia is present throughout the last three track run, but he finds ways to leave his mark and make them feel just as current.

It's tough to say which sound is his strongest and that's really the beauty of this project, it's variety of flavors leaves you wanting more of each style that is represented. As assorted as it is, kryptogram's easy-going and approachable sound holds it together and is present throughout; making the music accessible during a range of situations from laid-back sunsets on the beach to sunrises at warehouse parties.

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