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Izzy Day revels in "Silence"

Emerging Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Izzy Day's single "Silence" showcases her love for alternative soul and hip-hop. The single is her second release and sees her working with her longtime collaborators the munkyds who help craft a somber and nostalgic beat that flows with her soft soul-gripping vocal performance. 

Izzy puts a lot of heart and soul on this reflective track that dives deep, reflecting on the dynamics and challenges of finding and losing love. She paints such a heartwarming scenario of finding that missing element in love as she sings "All that I had is a memory of you/ Is more than I could ever ask/ more than I could ever have." The pained emotions are magnified by the engulfing production ripe with melancholic guitar riffs, moody textures, and punchy downtempo drums.

Izzy has been active as a live singer-songwriter and bandleader since 2013, playing many shows and festivals along the east coast of Australia. She is originally from the Gold Coast and now chasing her musical dreams in Melbourne with this single being a promising sign of what’s to come.

Get "Silence" on Soundcloud//Bandcamp.

Connect with Izzy Day: Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram


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