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Kaleb Rudy unveils emotive new release “Good Terms” [Video]

Kaleb Rudy’s new single “Good Terms” voices what many of us go through in relationships. The eccentric track glistens with elevated electro beats and smooth, soulful vocals. Passionately singing, “but if we ended on good terms/how come it hurts so bad,” you can sense his deep pain with every poignant note. The colorful static visuals for his lyric video are the perfect backdrop for the stunning release.

Not only has Rudy had his fair share of heartaches in love, but he has also experienced other life sorrows. The singer moved around a lot when he was young and was bullied much of his childhood. To make matters worse, when he was outed at home he was sent to conversion therapy. As a result of that hardship, he turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Now completely sober, he uses music as a cathartic release, articulating his past and present struggles. A role model to his fans, he uses his platform to spread awareness to mental health, addiction and sexuality.

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