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FEET return with the mighty "Peace & Quiet"

Indie-something five-piece band FEET share their new single "Peace & Quiet". Long awaiting a new release, the band continue to flourish with their unique blend of guitars, wit and frank absurdity.

Shaping indie into their very own FEET mould, each release from these boys continues to be a winner in my eyes. Boisterous, fun and lyrically witty, "Peace & Quiet" exhibits the band's familiar guitar twangs and playful nature. Taken from their new EP Walking Machine, the track addresses the no man's land the band find themselves, an inbetweener of categorisation if you will.

“We’re not a post punk band, we don’t sound like a ‘London band’ whatever that is, but the indie reference in our shared hive mind is related to a major label, squeaky clean sound which isn’t what we want from our band,” explains George. “You either go the mainstream route or the sleazy South London route and we’re slap bang in the middle, so we’re trying to state our spot. We’re pretty comfortable where we are and this is the direction we wanna take it in”.

Boy, are we excited for their new EP. Out on August 6 via Nice Swan Records, it's sure to be overflowing with preposterous lyrics and abrasive sounds. But what do we expect, this elusive space FEET find themselves sitting is exactly what makes them shine.

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