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Maddie Glass is a voice for Gen Z in “Livin in 2021”

Maddie Glass shares a candid reflection of her vulnerabilities in dealing with societal pressures in her pop punk anthem “Livin in 2021”.  The vivacious track is the New York-based artist's debut single and is off of her upcoming EP Thank You for Breaking my Heart.

The singer-songwriter and actress gives a voice to some of the most uncomfortable issues that currently surrounding Gen Z, ranging from body dysmorphia to mental health crises and social expectations stemming from social media. Maddie confides, ""Livin In 2021” is a very vulnerable song for me to release because I discuss my personal struggles with anxiety, body image, eating disorders, which many people deal with in some way."

The song has a “music to skate to” throwback vibe, especially for anyone who identified as a pop-punk kid growing up in the early 2000s. Maddie's vocals act as the driving force behind the track and her lyrics are straightforward, angsty, and engaging making the song as enjoyable as it is relatable. The track is perfectly arranged, thumping hard with steady drums, fiery guitar riffs, and wailing vocals that radiate the glow of youth. It’s this spirited passion that sends out the clear message of teenage angst in the insane world we live in today.

Aside from her music career, Maddie is also an based actress and you can find her performing all around Manhattan in various Off Broadway productions.

Connect with Maddie Glass : Twitter | Instagram

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