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George Gretton offers up a "Clear" perspective

Nottingham-based artist and producer George Gretton is somewhat of a fascinating musical anomaly. In not just his unparalleled sound alone, but also in the sense that each envelope-pushing release seems like a disparate leap from the previous, whilst retaining his distinctly recognisable and kaleidoscopic sonic identity.

Citing older Kanye as the root for the inspiration, the sample-focussed track embarks with its addictively warped hook crafted from his own voice. As it maintains, the loop holds your attention long enough for you to consider where it's taking you, for it to then unfurl into a heady cohesion of tenderly punchy synth chords, and slick guitar licks.

The typically complex crossover sound of "Clear" was achieved by a handful of masterfully executed ideas. "It was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered all in a week," explains Gretton in an email statement. "I usually like spending a long time pouring over every last detail of my songs, but I kind of felt like this didn’t want to dilute at all."

Stripping the energy back for the first verse, his unmistakable vocal fills the soundscape, contrasting the bright melodies against the natural melancholic timbre of his voice. A hallmark of his then sweeps in, layers upon layers of pitched vocal harmonies that set your mind awash with the differing emotional shades that they imbue.

"This song is about the distance between present and past versions of yourself, better and worse previous versions of yourself," shares Gretton on the thought-provoking lyricism. "In your own head, it’s clear to you who you are and who you want to be. But to others you could be any of these different versions you’ve presented at different points. Even if you’re the most consistent person in the world, to everyone else you’re just their impression of you.”

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