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Roadman shares his new EP, 'Ghetto Boy FLY (OLOGO)'

Emerging NY-based afro-fusion artist/producer Roadman has unveiled his 9-track EP, Ghetto Boy FLY (OLOGO), which serves as his third body of work. Roadman fully embodies his Yoruba ancestry in his art by using the language to emphasize elements in his lyrics and sounds, even going so far as to give the EP an alternate title—OLOGO—which means glorious child in Yoruba.

The project opens up with the reflective track, "Nobody Know," which is inspired by the events of the pandemic that happened last year. The record is bolstered by lush textures and a smooth Afrocentric bounce that suits Roadman's baritone vocals and contemplative lyrics. He takes time to dwell on the good times because time is too short to dwell on the negative events. "Gbewa" has a heavenly guitar riff, soulful strings that blend into each other as Roadman croons about that special lady who caught his eye. 

Roadman showcases his rapping prowess on the moody record, "Bound In Freedom," where he takes the viewers down into the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. As with all major cities, everyone is out on the prowl, trying to earn their keep or prey on the weak. From the corrupt government system that aims to keep the people under its boots to the rat race everyone is stuck in, Roadman shares his frustrations on wax while also acknowledging the fact that it's what makes Nigerians tick. The title track is a horn-driven cinematic piece that sounds like the soundtrack of an epic movie. Roadman is in his rap bag and teams up with Nigerian rapper Sasha for a duet. Each emcee reflects on their life's journey and the respective hurdles they had to face. The record is really enthralling as it rises and dips in certain parts to allow the vocals to breathe.

Ghetto Boy FLY (OLOGO) is Roadman's reintroduction to a new audience as he soaks in the musical influence he grew up on. He stays relevant with the afro-fusion element and expands his range with the Yoruba-infused hip-hop but more importantly, he keeps it relatable with the emotional aspect on deck.

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