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Valley Boy is warm and fuzzy on psych-pop tinged “Gummi Bear”

Los Angeles indie duo Valley Boy is the creative partnership of childhood friends James Alan Ghaleb and Ian Meltzer. The outfit recently shared their single “Gummi Bear,” off their debut EP Thursday Friday.

On “Gummi Bear,” the guys get all nostalgic with their indie-pop/rock cadence. Valley Boy place themselves on a sonic course that draws listeners in with their sweet melodies that evoke the early days of Motown and hints of modern psych-pop. Of the 7-track EP, “Gummi Bear” feels to be the most seasoned and a defining track for young outfit. It’s a true display of highly regarded pop songwriting mixed a mesmeric production and calmative vocals. Underneath the sonic surface, Valley Boy’s storytelling deep digs into the murkier days of adolescence by channeling those strained childhood experiences and placing them into their narratives.

Catching up with the pair via email, the band shared this about their EP, "Thursday Friday is a snapshot of a period of time in which we, having spent over half of our lives as best friends and musicians, spontaneously started writing and recording songs together in our garage. The songs on this EP cover territory spanning from our personal relationships to our family ones, and even our relationship with each other as friends, and are all shaped through the lens of having grown up together in our beloved San Fernando Valley. We hope you stick around as we continue to unpack more of our childhoods and accumulate more tiny keyboards."

Thursday Friday EP is out now and features earlier singles “Sad Girl,” “Cigarette,” and “Black Cat.” All of the tracks offer a different sonic shade to Valley Boy’s eclectic, genre-busting soundscape.

Connect with Valley Boy: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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