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Blood Cultures release "Set It On Fire" and announce upcoming project [Video]

It comes as no surprise to see New Jersey-based act Blood Cultures again dabbling in the surreally terrifying side of experimental indie music.  A performer known for dark but melodic indie-pop and an intriguing amount of anonymity, the project has taken a turn as a celebration of the act's own Pakistani-American heritage and also as an increasing challenge to troubling cultural norms.  It is in this challenge to disturbing patriarcho-maniacal norms that the new visual for freshly released single "Set It On Fire" gets its inspiration.

The visual (directed by Charlie Denis) showcases an abusive father-son relationship that highlights the vicious cycle of crime and punishment in America.  Toxic masculinity and the idea of being forcibly shaped into the mold of our elders (whether it be good or bad) function as key thematic elements to be taken away from the video.  Like much of Blood Cultures' previous work, "Set It On Fire" is a disturbing but captivating slice of indie-pop mastery that is shot in beautifully vintage Super-8 quality footage.  The track, while focusing on the surreal and the disconcerting, also functions as a light and airy earworm with deft synth work and heavily filtered vocals that will have you humming the tune while simultaneously mulling its tense psychological themes.  

The release of this single also seeks to highlight the release of the upcoming project LUNO, the act's third studio album.  The project centers on the disturbing and deeply personal works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, key psychological influences to the music of Blood Cultures.  The name LUNO references lunar mythology and how the moon has historically been viewed as a symbol of change and rebirth, another key theme in the lead up singles and the project itself.  Emphasizing self-acceptance and change, LUNO seeks to further establish Blood Cultures as one of the most forward-thinking acts in all of the vast indie music space.  

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