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Moorea Masa & The Mood unveils an intimate new single “Until Then” [Video]

R&B soul artist Moorea Masa & The Mood releases her stunning new single “Until Then” along with accompanying visuals. This delicate release is a personal account of her mother’s painful battle with mental illness. Through lush, graceful vocals skating atop light acoustic guitar, listeners sense that deep hurt. The tender track showcases the struggle between being there for her mom, but also learning to set healthy boundaries. 

“Until Then” is the second single from her forthcoming EP and is a follow up to her last single “Honey”. Masa’s moving line “I’m not gonna cry today” came from a text she had sent her mother not long before she made the decision to cut ties with her. She knows her relationship with that parent is complicated and “Until Then” beautifully captures those fragile complexities.

She reveals of the track, “I'm hoping I can help break the stigma that mental illness has around it, by talking about it openly. Talking about the experience of having a loved one with mental illness and also the lack of resources for folks, especially in the queer/BIPOC community. I'm hoping in whatever you take from this song, you feel less alone.” The picturesque visuals display the singer with mountains behind her and stunning sunset scenes. Her tears of yellow seen in the video represent the sour feelings left over from the broken relationship.

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