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Prznt tells a tale on new single "Lambo Crazy"

Prznt is a 22-year-old independent hip-hop artist whose knack for storytelling is setting him apart from the rest. While previous hits “Laudy Daudy” and “Billie Jean” are high-energy jams, his latest single “Lambo Crazy,” showcases the rising artist's lyrical prowess. 

The track’s title is a nod to 1980s Cuba, when “Lambo Crazy” was a term used to describe the rich men who would vacation on the island, only to be found dead in their supercars days after. It was later discovered that the men had been drugged and robbed by the women they were with, left behind with nothing but their flashy cars. 

Swedish producer Von Lion collaborated with Prznt to create the track's contained but fiercely energetic sound. Prznt illustrates his lyrics with smooth and seductive vocals that sit right in the pocket of the 808s. Hard-hitting and unique, this song is worth your while. 

Connect with Prznt: Instagram | Twitter | Website

Hip-Hop · R&B


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