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Soft Glas confronts his fears on "Terrified (of Time)" [Video]

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Joao Gonzales, better known by his stage name Soft Glas, makes music that is gentle and ethereal/therapeutic. His new track, “Terrified (of Time)” is a laid-back and vulnerable track, containing ethereal guitar melodies, alongside his radiating vocals, and a soothing feature from Cautious Clay. According to Gonzales, “the song is written about the catch-22 that is looking forward to seeing your family/loved ones.” There is a tinge of hope in Soft Glas’ lyrics, while he sings about his doubts, fears, and being “one step closer to home.” “Terrified (of Time)” comes from his latest album, How Strange, which tackles the problems brought on by the passage of time, and his inner turmoils with imposter syndrome.

The music video for “Terrified (of Time)” is a mesmerizing vignette that grows increasingly disorienting as you watch. It starts off cruising at high altitude on an airplane, and quickly turns into something seemingly out of the film Inception with the use of close up camera angles and an irregular pace. If the intention of the song was to communicate the feeling just before seeing your family, the airplane ride is the trip to see them, and the vague home scene is the feeling you get when you arrive back and things aren’t quite the way they were when you left it last. The video is directed by Madeline Leshner and features Cautious Clay as well. The dream-like nature of the video fits the aesthetic of Soft Glas' music. The shots of him falling through a void of nothing mirror his themes of being lost without guidance on where to go. The video is bathed in darkness; mystery is created in the scene by not showing the full view of characters, but hope shines through with the use of vibrant red light and falling glitter, signifying the aspiration to break free from the struggle. 

“Terrified (of Time)” serves as one of Soft Glas’ most poignant songs to date, and as one of the best from How Strange. The instrumentation of Rhodes piano, cello, and bass give this song a unique sound, and are placed intermittently throughout the track so nothing is over the top, it just falls into place where it needs to be. In a song like this, we can see that Soft Glas’ musical depth spans far beyond the indie/pop label. It's not just about writing a song to fit your feelings, but arranging those feelings, and the instrumentation behind it, to create a whole new feeling for others to relate to and share in your experience. According to Gonzalez, "'How Strange' is an album about time. Compared to my other albums, it fittingly took the longest to make - yet feels the most inherently tied to where my heart is at this very moment.” On “Terrified (of Time)”, Soft Glas brings all of the themes of his album to a single point. It’s an easy-going track that tackles familiar feelings, and delivers them in a thoughtful and reverential manner.

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