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Kranium gives us some 'Toxic' love on new EP

Kranium, a versatile reggae artist, has recently released his third project, a captivating EP titled Toxic, filled with exotic sounds and lyrics that perfectly depict a distinct kind of love.

Kranium is well-known for his ability to move a crowd with his dancehall music. In this 5-track EP, it is quite interesting to see the impact that he has even though the clubs aren't open. Throughout the entire EP, Kranium mixes distinct snappy sounds that brilliantly show us how toxic love sounds like through the music. 
Opening up the EP with "Gal Policy," we automatically get introduced to the light-hearted yet meaningful tone of this project. He combines intense lyrics such as, "Are you serious right now? Put your girls in check nuh/ Are you serious right now? Don't violate me, seriously" with heartfelt piano keys and light melodies that almost delve into pop. In addition to this, Kranium's soothing voice makes his delivery easy on the ear, pulling us in closer to the beats. 
The third track, "Toxic," once again gives us another perspective on love. Kranium gives us raw emotion through the heartfelt lyrics, such as "She said you ignore me and make me look dumb/ Caught up in a world of twisted love." Once again, Kranium shows how heavily toxic love can affect us in a brilliant way through playful snappy sounds. He intelligently makes toxicity sound good through the chimes and snaps, even though the lyrics make it clear that it's not.
Overall, Kranium finds the perfect balance between impactful songwriting and high-spirited sounds. Turn on this EP and get ready to enter a war zone that is sometimes called "love."
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Dancehall · Reggae


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