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Viral alt/pop sensation Leah Kate returns with "Boyfriend"

DIY mastermind Leah Kate is no stranger to success. The pop singer/songwriter is not only an enthralling performer but she is also the epitome of a "girl boss", running her own record label from top to bottom. Her last single the infectious "Fuck Up The Friendship" struck a chord with its confident delivery and nu-disco beats. The track went viral not only on Tik Tok but also Spotify, with the singer drawing comparisons to Dua Lipa and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The prolific songwriter returns with the electro infused pop banger "Boyfriend". The track continues the story of "Fuck Up The Friendship" and is about the same guy (now her boyfriend) who Leah Kate fucked up the friendship with. She confides, "A lot of guys / exes came running back once we started dating and I thought it was crazy that everyone came running back once it was too late ... so I decided to make a "I'm taken now" anthem to empower girls (and guys) to move on and help to not recycle exes who aren't good for you!" Featuring a kaleidoscope of vibrant dance soundscapes and driving bass lines with Leah Kate's signature addictive vocals, "Boyfriend" is the perfect sequel.

With more music to come, listeners can't wait to hear what is next from this rising pop star. Take a listen to "Boyfriend" now and remember your own worth.

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Alt-Pop · Indie


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