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lo.ceasar capture the essence of New York on “Friday Night Lights” [Video]

New York hip-hop duo lo.ceasar have shared a clean new visual for their song “Friday Night Lights”.

lo.ceasar is a duo consisting of New York rappers YL and Starker. They have been rising steadily as an exciting act in the New York underground, gaining a devoted fanbase in recent years. Their two self-titled albums, released in 2019 and 2020, are smooth, smoky, and reflective. Perfect for travelling through the city on rainy days, lo.ceasar 1 & 2 are underrated albums that are must-listens for underground hip-hop fans seeking a refreshing sound from the East Coast.

Their newest single "Friday Night Lights", produced by noface, presents a beat that is simultaneously off-kilter and smooth. The producer lays down a choppy, intricate sample containing watery keys and glitchy vocals. Underneath, natural sounding drums and textured bass glue the track together. Moreover, YL and Starker flow smoothly over the beat, sounding effortless and commanding.

The visual for "Friday Night Lights", directed by Derek Balarezo, is clean and fresh. It depicts the rappers in their New York City neighborhood on a snowy day, performing their track with a relaxed, assured demeanour. The visual captures the spirit and personality of New York in the winter, showing the signature brick buildings and parks laden with fresh snowfall.

Overall, the song and visual for "Friday Night Lights" are simultaneously nostalgic and refreshing. Capturing the essence of New York City both sonically and visually, lo.ceasar present a new offering that feels organic and is easy to enjoy. This track will appear on the upcoming lo.ceasar EP produced entirely by noface.

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