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Jillian Rossi & Caleb Hearn share quarantine anthem "Under the Weather"

Jillian Rossi & Caleb Hearn have shared a new quarantine anthem “Under the Weather”.

Rising New York pop singer Jillian Rossi first gained attention for her debut single “So What”, a body positivity anthem giving hope to those struggling with self-image. “Under the Weather” is Rossi’s first single since, featuring North Carolina rapper and singer Caleb Hearn, who made waves with his recent single "Always Be".

On “Under the Weather", Jillian Rossi and Caleb Hearn make an impactful statement about mental health during the current pandemic. The single touches on the importance of self care and preserving one's mental health during these challenging times. At a time when mental health is a widespread concern, this song is inspiring, backed up by a moody instrumental with atmospheric pianos and airy synths. Underneath, subtle drums accent the track, holding the groove. Rossi and Hearn deliver powerful lead vocals, harmonizing smoothly on the chorus.

“Under the Weather” is a poignant collaboration between Rossi & Hearn. It provides a much-needed sense of hope to people struggling with the current difficult circumstances. All in all, with mental health being such a widespread issue today, this is an important and affecting release.

Connect with Jillian Rossi: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Caleb Hearn: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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