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Miller Roberts shares the "Voice In My Head"

With the fires of her debut EP Square One still burning, Aussie contemporary folk songstress Miller Roberts eagerly returns with perhaps her most enchanting release to date, "Voice In My Head." Even while much of the world is seemingly standing still, life maintains it's at times overwhelming pace and this track offers a brief but poignant escape by virtue of its mesmeric vocals, deep soundscape and relaxed rhythms.

Alluding to her status as a new artist in an email statement, “I feel as though I have found my unique sound in this recording process," Roberts shares. The sound in question is a captivating coalescence of intimate yet cordial songwriting, deeply enveloping textures and a genuine sense of creative authenticity. Soft pianos direct the melodic flow and subtle dynamic shifts, providing the perfect foundation for her truly captivating vocal performance.

Speaking more to the production and aforementioned authenticity, Roberts concludes, "I have intentionally kept this track as lofi as possible, with no use of autotune or quantising so that it feels real, raw & authentic while maintaining its sweet, fun, uplifting nature."

Connect with Miller Roberts: Instagram | Spotify



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