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Brother Valiant gives an emotional purge in “Lady Daisy”

New York indie folk artist Brother Valiant releases his new single “Lady Daisy.” Giving an honest and raw look into the emotional rollercoaster of life, the musician also known as Alex Amsterdam, touches on everything the curious behaviours that we witness in our everyday lives.

In just three minutes and 25 seconds, Amsterdam manages to bring a sense of warmth and comfort through his soaring layered harmonies, jangly guitars and reverberating instrumentation. The upbeat, toe-tapping rhythm emits a feel-good atmosphere that is totally intoxicating. The songwriter shines further light on the meaning of the song sharing, “The lyrics center on losing touch with someone, and realizing you failed to acknowledge your own shortcomings. Trying to grow from self-reflection can take many pathways. When writing from an emotional place, those same emotions can create an unreliable narrative, which is my favorite way to write. I'm not really trying to make any definitive point so much as present a story, and for someone to examine it under their own lens.”

His stunning, storytelling lyrics craft a fun and lighthearted look at all the ways we try to put the blame on others, when we really need to look a little deeper at our own behaviors. The thought-provoking “Lady Daisy” encourages us to take a look in the mirror and get to know ourselves, before judging others.

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Folk · Indie


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